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Formula 1 Australia: next Schumacher record set

Lewis Hamilton scores with Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. What the numbers from Melbourne teach us.

The first race weekend of the formula 1 season in 2019 is behind us. Time to take a look at the numbers and statistics that the kick-off has produced in Australia. The first record was already reported on Saturday when Lewis Hamilton drove very thinly to Pole position in front of teammate Valtteri Bottas. In this way, he once again drew the same with the record champion and his own Idol.

This time it was about the record of most Pole Positions on one and the same track. With his eighth Melbourne Pole, Hamilton is now in first place, equal to Michael Schumacher, who in turn took the first place eight times in Suzuka, and Ayrton Senna, who created this feat in Imola.

However, Hamilton is not particularly strong in the exploitation of these Pole Positions. After another second place in Melbourne on Sunday of the race, he was unable to win six of his eight Poles on this track. This is also a record. And also the statistics of all Pole Positions without subsequent victory leads the Champion now with 37 pieces alone. Ironically, before Ayrton Senna (36) and Michael Schumacher (28).

Honda after over ten years back on the Podium

For Mercedes, the figures have good prospects. Every seven years, when a team in Melbourne was able to celebrate a double victory, it eventually won both the constructors ‘and the Drivers’ World Championships. So does Formula 1 Bloom the next domination season of the Silver Arrows? Bottas ‘ lead in the race looked like it.- The Finn won with a bigger lead on the second place than any winner of the 2018 season.

Among other things, Max Verstappen will have something against it. The Dutchman was actually on the Podium for the first time in Melbourne. He was at the same time the first non-Ferrari or Mercedes driver since 2015 to receive a trophy in Australia. Ferrari itself, on the other hand, was for the first time since that season not represented at the awards ceremony and with this statistic seals the ravenblack weekend.

For the first time since Canada 2008, i.e. for over ten years, a Honda-powered car has been among the Top 3. However, the Japanese still have the lowest number of podium positions of all current engine manufacturers. A marginal note at this point: Mercedes-powered cars drove to the Podium at 68% of all Grand Prix! Honda comes with 29% not even half…

In spite of the renewed boxing breakdown Haas may celebrate, although due to a rather sad statistic: for the first time since 2016, the Americans in Melbourne ever brought a car to the finish. It is doubtful whether Günther Steiner is really happy about this.

For a Fun-Fact on the edge finally provided Daniil Kvyat with his tenth place. In his so far three Starts with Toro Rosso in Melbourne (2014, 2017, 2019) he always drove into the points, while with Red Bull on the same track always left empty (2015, 2016).