Best F1 Drivers you can Bet on

Racing at blazing speeds of more than 350 kilometers/ hour, formula one competitions are some of the most enthralling spectacles today. While a lot of work goes into crafting these engineering marvels, it is the drivers who control them during competitions who deserve greater credit. Therefore, who are these F1 race drivers? How do they do it? How can you bet on them in an online casino? Is there a possibility to place a bet at special-game establishments like, whose specialty is to deliver no deposit poker bonuses for various poker games? The answers to all these questions are only a few lines away, so stay tuned.

Top Formula One Drivers in History

If you love F1 race competitions, names of top drivers invoke great respect, admiration, and astonishment. Here is a list of the top three drivers in history.
1) Juan Fangio
Juan Manuel Fangio is regarded as the greatest F1 race driver in history for being the first to win five of the first eight global championships of 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, and 1957. It would take 45 years before his record was quashed by Michael Schumacher.
2) Nick Lauda and James Hunt
These legends are tagged together because of the great rivalry they depicted climaxing in the 1976 season. Lauda started the year as the top F1 race driver but crashed during the German Grand Prix. He bounced back six weeks later but only managed the fourth position in the Italian Grand Prix. In the end, it was Hunt who finished at the top. Hunt dropped from the race in the subsequent season while Lauda climbed back to win the second title in three years.
3) Michael Schumacher
It is impossible to give the history of F1 race competitions without mentioning Michael Schumacher. He went into formula one racing and won titles that could take decades for others. He was a highly skilled driver who got 91 wins and 7F1 championships. He is remembered for being tough, brave, and tactful in finding a way of winning no matter the circumstances that stood on his way.

Best Formula One Drivers of Today

The best F1 race drivers today do not just race against their opponents, but also aim at breaking the records set by previous racers. Leading in this group is Lewis Hamilton who has wonaccolades across the globe. He has already clinched the fifth world championship. Other top contenders include Max Verstappen of Red Bull and Fernando Alonso of McLaren.

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Upcoming F1 Championships

To follow, enjoy, and bet on the F12 championships, it is important to know the F1 race competition schedule. In 2019, the championship is featuring 21 races. The first one was done in Australia on March 1th and the final one will take place in Abu Dhabi on December 1st. Other countries that will host the races include Germany on July 28, Singapore on September 22, the United States on November 3, and Brazil on December 17th.

The Final Take

The thrill that comes with watching formula one racing is special. However, you can enjoy more by getting a mobile casino app, using casino bonus and betting as you watch the competitions on the track, and ultimately celebrating positive results of your bet!

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